As part of her CNN special "Black in America", Soledad O'Brien observes:


We've spent 18 months trying to accurately tell the story of black people in this country, a story rarely told with the depth and fullness that it requires. Black people are seen frequently as rappers and ballers and sometimes exceptional, like Secretary of State Condolezza Rice. But coverage of the vast black middle class is nearly nonexistent. What's the impact of that on America? What's the impact of that on young black kids who don't see themselves in mainstream media associated with academic achievement, success, hard work? It's hard to know, but it cannot be good.


The problem noted above by Soledad O'Brien is a serious issue for black communities across the nation. Elanni Publishing launched the Outstanding African-American Students™ Awards Program as a means of addressing this very issue, this ever-looming problem. Our children who are successful, who are achievers, who are determined to remain on a straight path need to see, read and know about each other, to know that it is cool to be successful, to know that they, too, can achieve just as much as anyone else. The Outstanding African-American Students™ Awards Program, which has highlighted children from around the nation, helps them to do just that.


The Official Nomination Form for Outstanding African-American Students™ can be downloaded from our website starting in February 1st of each year. Principals, counselors, teachers, civic, church and community leaders and others are solicited for nominations of deserving students from their respective schools and organizations. Each student selected to be included in the publication will:


Have his or her story of personal achievement and accomplishment

documented in a hardback book along

with hundreds of other stellar students from across the country; and


In selected cities, be honored in the presence of family and friends

at a free-admission Local Awards Ceremony where he or she will receive

a special commemorative certificate suitable for framing.


If you are interested in nominating a child to be included in an upcoming edition of Outstanding African-American Students™ please visit our website for further details. If you or your organization is interested in serving as a local supporter of this program in your city, feel free to contact us at